We looked into current shipping processes and the information about the packages that you are able to receive. Nowadays we have opportunities to get information on a shipping, but usually it's basic information such as “parcel in delivery”. In specific situations the sender needs and wants to know more about what's happening with the package on the way.

For example when companies deliver important or perishable goods like fresh food or medicine. Then they are interested to know details such as the exact temperature, the light exposure, the exact delivery time and also if the parcel is safe or damaged.

What it does

PackMon provides information through a variety of censors in real time. It also allows for pro-active communication.

The relevant information is communicated via different channels, such as text messages, phone call or via the respective website or app. The customer can get overview of the exact location, alerts if any of the parameters changes (e.g. the temperature gets higher than it should be) or in case the goods get damaged.

The value we offer is:real time data on the parcels, which allows for more visibility, control and safety of the shipments. This also makes the approach energy and time saving.

How we built it

We used Intel's Edison with Groove Startup Kit+ and utilized the APIs provided by TNT, Here and Cisco/Tropo.

What we learned

It was great fun and we learned a lot from working with Intel's powerful IoT platform!

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