After seeing a Dutch documentary about issues in the delivery industry I started wondering if and how this problem could be solved using smart contracts. And more recently, when prices of every day groceries started to increase continuously I again thought about smart contracts and how combining orders could allow us to buy products from the stores where they are the cheapest without being held back by minimum order amount requirements.

What it does

Using Packman, groups of people from the same neighborhood can safely combine their online orders. Instead of simply giving your neighbor money to add the products on your shopping list to their order, the money transfer and everything else is handled by a smart contract, and therefore your neighbor can’t lose or steal your money or products from you. Collectively purchasing products online leads to less stops per shift for your courier and lowers the delivery fees per person. Furthermore, only one person has to stay at home to wait for the delivery and the minimum order amount requirement is no longer a problem.

How I built it

It will be built as a decentralized app on the NEAR network.

Challenges I ran into

Because I discovered this hackathon too close to its deadline, it was unfortunately infeasible for me to form a team and create an actual working product.

What I’m proud of

I came up with a novel idea and further developed it into a detailed concept involving smart contracts. Furthermore, I was able to create a clear pitch video that communicates my plans well.

What I’ve learned

I learned about the NEAR network, I learned more about smart contracts and I learned to create a pitch video.

What’s next for Packman

  1. Developing the smart contract
  2. Developing the Packman website and connecting it to the contract

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