We wanted to recreate a classic game and add a twist to it and one of us had an Idea of creating a Pac-Man RPG game. We all very excitedly got to work. After 10 minutes we all realized that this will be no easy task. And by the end of the day we barely managed to create a Pac-Man clone that is worse than the actual game.

How we built it

The game was made using Unity. Some of us took care of creating "Main menu" and "Game over" scenes, while others created the level. Each team member contributed significantly to the creation of the game.

The team

Our team consists of 4 first course students, with only one of them being a computer science student. None of us knew how to do anything on Unity, so the project wasn't a cakewalk.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges basically at every step. Simply adding a countdown timer took over 30 minutes of "google'ing". Some features like the big pellet which makes you able to eat the ghosts, had to be scratched, because after 2 hours of trying and failing, we simply couldn't get it to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For a team of complete newbies, which managed to create a bad Pac-Man clone in a day, it's an accomplishment that we can be proud of

What we learned

We learned the basics of Unity and C# from 0.

What's next for Packman Adventure

Next up it would be first priority to fully implement all of the original Pac-Man features. After that we would start developing our original idea of Pac-Man RPG. Multiple levels, enemies, that can be defeated, consumables, bosses, etc...


For us this was more of a learning experience than an attempt to create a good project. We recognize that this project doesn't have any originality or significance, but during these two days we've learned a lot about Unity and C# and in our books it was all worth it.

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