Are you international and wished you could easily buy things from back home? People enjoy traveling, most travel more than others. While others are limited to traveling due to financial or other situations. We want local items to be accessible to our market in the U.S., by providing a commission incentive for travelers to earn money along the way.

What it does

Our app creates a simple and clean user interface for both travelers and shoppers. We curate products that are popular or in high demand from local communities.

How we built it

We decided that we wanted a mobile app for users to use on the go when traveling. We decide to use react-native as our framework since the app can be deployed for both android and ios users.

Challenges we ran into

Finding and designing the best workflow solution that is easy for users to use.

Karishma and Jessica, both full-stack web engineers, were knowledgeable with React but was our first time using and building with React-Native. We ran into a huge challenge setting up a sharing option with Snack(part of, we resolved it by using the Expo CLI and connecting that to our Github repo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to curate data and reflect them on our app. We came up with an efficient user flow for our application. We used amazon s3 to upload our images used for our application.

What we learned

We learned to develop with react-native. We learned the entire workflow of executing and designing an entire application ensuring the best efficient app, before developing some coding.

What's next for packLocal

The next steps are to do more research to find and create top authentic products for each local city that can be available to the shoppers. We would need about a week to finish developing the application.

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