My package delivery man likes to kick stuff Chuck Norris style.

What it does

Sends alerts to truck driver and operator. Displays more information in AR on package

How we built it

Hacked two devices and used a cardboard box

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!

What we learned

Know your domain before you try to solve anything

What's next for PackDoctor AR

Hi my name is Bart and our team is Pack Doctor AR. So imagine I’m a truck driver who doesn’t know what happens to my cargo. So we hacked a solution and it is super simple and effective. I’m alerted with this simple notification thanks to a IMU sensor. I go check whats going on with my cargo and by using a AR scanner I know exactly what happened. I get instant details about the package history and contents. I can see the damaged parcels are recognised.
I can track if my cargo has been dislocated in any way. This is time savings, completeness check and damage detection and all this works in the cloud so the fleet operator can see what is going on too. Thank you for listening.

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