I love hackathons. I don't mean the food and drinks offered or the coding or designing. What I like the most about these events is the productive working atmosphere and the possibly for hackers to meet and inspire each other. The problem of hackathons is that those who have never attended a hackathon do not know what to bring to them without suffering.

What it does

Packaroo is a web app that allows you to create "inventory packs" that will allow others to see what you brought to a certain setting, event, or trip. Whether you're creating your pack for a short vacation or a 24-hour hackathon, users will be able to see what is the ideal inventory to have to be in a comfortable position. With Packaroo, users will never forget to bring an item to their plans.

How we built it

Zhi developed the back-end with flask and hosted it through AWS. Derek and Will developed the front-end with React and Bootstrap. Kevin designed the UI and UX of the web app.

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