Being able to use technology to create something ethical that can help fix real problems in the world is something we were striving to create.

What it does

Uses a camera to detect package theft, specifically package delivery, and when a package is taken away. Once that happens it sends a text to the owner's phone notifying them that their package was taken. If they confirm it was them who picked up the package all is good. If not, an alert is sent back to the server as well as to surrounding neighbors as a warning that there has been a theft in the neighborhood.

How I built it

we built it using aws rekognition and aws kinesis to be able to recognize when a package comes into view of the camera.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Became more confident in languages we were unfamiliar with, and learned basic knowledge in machine learning and how aws works.

What's next for Package Secure

The most important thing for Package Secure was to make it easy, ethical, and accurate.

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