We were inspired by our own experience of coming to our first hackathon to create the framework for this product: Pack-It List. None of us were incredibly sure what items we should bring, if we brought too much, or if we forgot an essential. We thought to ourselves: if we are having a hard time packing for an overnight stay, what must it be like for someone who has never traveled to pack for their first time to a new state, or a new country? Packing lists online are often conflicting or inaccurate. We wanted to create one place, one database, where someone could type in their destination and receive one easy, accurate packing list. Our expertise lies in branding, designing, and creating a cohesive concept. We played to our strengths and created a concept, wire frame, and logo for our website. One of the topics that we learned about in one of the Technica workshops was Machine Learning or Deep Learning. We determined that this could be incredibly useful with our concept and with further research we would want to integrate such an algorithm. The future for Pack-It List is a completely coded website with options for sharing of packing lists among users, connecting users who are traveling to similar destinations, and questionnaires relating to activities the user will be doing at their destination to provide a more comprehensive packing list.

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