A platform to enable dialogue no matter where you are, record and manage it via reporting system will definitely amplifies voices across civil societies in the Pacific. It may be an echo for now but if more voices are recorded and reported in this platform then it will be loud enough to be heard sooner rather than later.

What it does

A sector at the local level will record every NGO's initiatives, programs, complains, achievements and so forth. Still in the local level, a dashboard will display progress and status. At the same time, a dashboard of progress or status can also be viewed across the region and by all the member countries.

How we built it

web application - php and mysql

Challenges we ran into

resources and team meet up

Accomplishments that we're proud of

if we can built a functional prototype for the hackathon

What we learned

do something worth to amplify what it cannot be seen or heard

What's next for Pacific Civil Society Reporting Management System

decentralize it to individual NGO's to report their voices along this platform

Built With

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