I love building a system that will support our Pacific people.

What it does

  • Its allow submission and action to be created on the website.
  • It's allow upload of files (pdf, txt, doc and more)
  • It's allow user to signup for an account
  • It's allow comment and feedback on submission and action
  • It's allow search for a past submission and actions.

How we built it

  • I build the website on Drupal 9 CMS and it's currently online
  • I pushed up the source code to Github

Challenges we ran into

  • Not enough time to build the features that I want to show.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Managed to get the website going live on time is a huge relief for me.

What we learned

I've learned about how the PIANGO works and what they do.

What's next for Pacific Civic Society Hub

If PIANGO choose my project, then I'm happy to build the project further with more features that will not only help them but also our Pacific people.

Built With

  • drupal
  • mariadb
  • php7.4
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