The inspiration for this product has come from many places one of them being the online forum discussion site Reddit. We have used the Reddit site as a template as it solves many issues about the problem statement As for what our project does that PIANGO will be the super admin moderating the website and they can give power to the local NGOs from the pacific. the NGOs can make threads on the site on key issues affecting the region and the users can access these threads via links. the users can also log in to the site and access the threads. the users can also vote on the threads that they think the policymakers should pay more attention to. the PIANGO will also be able to access this data and they will then be able to make better-informed decisions. The site was built using the online framework we used this framework because it was easy to make the prototype and the framework was calm to navigate and use. In terms of challenges, a few of them were, firstly our team faced these included the inexperience of some of our team members in making websites and editing videos as well as the time constraints as we were only given two days to make the project these challenges were overcome as we worked on the project. One thing to be proud of as a team(dedsec) we overcame a very large learning curve in a short amount of time as this is the first time we have made a website. After the completion of this project, we have familiarized ourselves with how to make a website as well as how to work together as a team to make concepts into a reality. We hope that this concept will be taken to the next level and integrated into an actual functioning website.

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