My inspiration came from the manga Jujustu Kaisen, where one of the characters uses pachinko as an ability to win fights. Everytime he would score a jackpot he would get a power-up, which I thought was something unique and interesting. Pachinko is a real life game that is based in Japan.

What it does

Pachinko allows the user to play a game similar to slots where you are rolling for a jackpot, but pachinko is slightly different. In this case, the player gets to choose a door (defensively) or a ball(offensively) in order to incorporate into his fighting style. Each indicator has a certain amount of colors and based on the colors it will determine the likelihood of getting a jackpot. Once you generate a door or ball, you have the chance to call "REACH" to activate a certain scene in the game. The scene or the description of the scene is just used to hype up the player and keep them waiting and anticipating on whether or not they got a jackpot.

How I built it

I started off with a random number generator, which would generate a random number 0-2. The numbers corresponding to a certain color of ball or door. For example, 0 is equal to a green ball. The green ball has a 40% chance of hitting jackpot, while the golden ball has an 80% chance of hitting jackpot.

Then I made a function to call for each scenario to hype up the audience.

Challenges we ran into

I wasn't able to relate the ball to the actual reach scenarios and it's something I definitely need to work on. The code now doesn't let you know which ball you got and it doesn't assign a ball or door with a certain scenario. I also did not know how to manipulate the outcome or probability of a jackpot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Something that I was proud of, even though there may be an easier way to do this was manipulating the probability of jackpot. I did this by generating a number 1-10 and then assigning a certain amount of numbers to success and failures. For example, if I wanted to make the scenario an 80% chance of success, I would make an if else statement where if numbers 1-8 was generated it would be a success and if numbers 9-10 was generated it would be a failure.

What we learned

I learned that even though coding is frustrating, it is fun to code stuff about the things you like. I like games and anime so coding something like this was not a waste of time and it gives me a better feel for what game development may actually be like. I also learned that I may need to start finding a team sooner than later.

What's next for Pachinko Machine

I will continue to develop my program and maybe add things like class and objects. These are things I've just learned and it's still hard for me to implement into my code, but I will do my best.

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