Running, especially long distance running is the art of pacing yourself. If you sprint all out at the start of marathon, chances are you will finish poorly, if you finish at all.

The key is to run at constant pace the whole time. It takes practice to run at your own personal best possible pace. One of the most difficult things to measure the pace you are running at. We thought we'd create an easy intuitive app that helps you do just that.

What it does

The application allows the user the to enter a range of pace between a minimum and a maximum that they would like to run at. Then using Googles Location Api's we calculate the speed the user is running.

If the user runs at a pace which falls out side that range the application generates an annoying sound or beeping noise, so the user will realize that he/she is off pace and must adjust to comeback inside the range.

How we built it

The application was built using Android, Java and Xml in Android studio. We used Google's Location based Api.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some difficulty in using Google's Location Api. Having never used the Media Player functions before we also struggled to get that going as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Lots of things, we learned how to use more android and more about Googles API's not only the location API's that we ended up using but also the activity recognition API's that we were looking into to improve the performance and results given by the GPS based location device.

What's next for Pacekeeper

Right the now the app is just a very raw prototype. We will need to incorporate a lot more features to make it a full fledged user friendly app. Some of the things we have planned out are to use Google's Activity Recognition Api to get more accurate speed results. We also need to perform sensor fusion to get more accurate speed results.

Also we could have a feature which allows the user to come up with a training plan for themselves over the next coming weeks and perform analytics on their runs.

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