The Backstory

Whenever I feel frustrated, confused, or completely sluggish, I always find a great outlet in running. After my first breakup, I ran on the treadmill every time I felt a lack of confidence in myself. This led me to complete my first hundred-day running challenge, which involves running for one hundred consecutive days. And no, my knees didn't really survive this personal endeavor.

I always look for songs and playlists that are motivating, upbeat, and match the pace at which I run. I get so irrationally frustrated whenever the songs I run to don't match the speed I run at -- it ends up slowing me down, and I have a worse workout overall because of it.


PaceBeats is a web app that allows you to build Spotify playlists based on your heart rate during previous workouts. By inputting an existing playlist and a workout duration from the previous day, it can extract song IDs with tempos that match your performance!

The Design

I originally intended to make this project update playlists in real-time based on your current heart rate during a workout. However, the Fitbit API for web apps currently doesn't have access to real-time data because of sync issues with the Fitbit device. As a result, the most up-to-date data I have for myself is from the previous day -- and since most of my workouts are usually the same every day, these playlists should be accurate enough to give me a positive, high-tempo experience during future runs.

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