What inspired us is building something to help our people of the Pacific. Learning new things as we our journey throughout the duration of the Hackathon. Also the limited time given to completed a very big tasked is a very huge milestone but our team is deadline-driven making sure we try to meet all deadlines no matter what obstacles we are facing.

What it does

PAC Voices will allow registration to be a member before anyone could be able to Post any Discussion Topic. PAC Voices Admin and Supervisor will be looking after the Discussion and they have the privilege to suspend someone from accessing the Application. Members could view others' comments and only the PAC Voices Admin and Supervisor could change the status of any Discussion.

How we built it

PAC Voices is built as a Web Application using Frappe Framework.

Challenges we ran into

1) First challenges is the limited time. 2) Second is the Internet Connection is not stable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One thing that we will take from this journey is teamwork always make a different.

What we learned

Working as a team, together with everyone achieves even though we are faced with some challenges but we work together to accomplish the same goal for this project.

What's next for PAC Voices

Enable PAC Voices to generate reports in different format like pdf, excel format even xml also be able to send on email.

Try it out

PAC Voices

PAC Voices Member username : bond password : 1234

PAC Voices Supervisor username : john password : 1234

PAC Voices Admin username : jane paaaword : 1234


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