Inspiration: We were thinking of a game and we decided to take a spin on a popular game Pacman.

What it does: You and 3 other players try to kill each other. You can collect power ups to go faster. You can also collect power up to kill people. You can play with up to 4 players

How we built it: We used c# and unity. We also used a pixel editor to make our sprites. We also created a website.

Challenges we ran into: We kept errors in unity and C#. When we started we did not know how to use unity which was a problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: we are really proud of actually being able to complete a game in C#. We learned how to code in C# which is an accomplishment itself. Even if we don't win we learned a lot today.

What we learned. We learned c# and unity.

What's next for Pac Royale: We will try to make levels and more power-ups

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