Pac NC is inspired from the recent pandemic, it has made us clear that we need to be ready about uncertainties in life and to sustain in this world, we will need to adapt and improvise

What it does

Pac NC will tell you from your itinerary of your destinations that how much risk is there to catch covid if you visit those places, it will also suggest you alternative destinations to reduce the risk. So before you step outside your house you can check the app and decide accordingly whether to go or not to go and help the community and yourself to remain safe and healthy.

How we built it

We used python and django to develop the solution. The django app as hosted on will ask user for their itinerary which uses google places api for exact location. This location is sent to the django backend which sends it to our cloud api where our data is stored, this api calculates weighted risk based on the destinations and returns the result. This result is then shown on frontenend using plotly graph and normal %.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up google cloude services was little difficult, Adding chat bot to django webapp. Stay awake for 24 hours😂.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Setting up the whole pipeline within 24 hours, our web app can handle multiple requests as the webapp was containerized and hosted on google cloud platform run and gcr. The server used was gunicorn and for load balancing we used ngnix. This all is set right up and online.

What we learned

Working as a team and dividing tasks. Things are difficult to implement and take long span of time but looked simple while discussing.

What's next for Pac NC

We are going to add the chatbot functionality for Pac NC. Will try to spread this app with different people so that we can spread awareness and contribute to the social cause of reducing the spread of coronavirus. Note - Patience is necessary as webapp is taking a little longer to load.

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