Travelling is a good way to release stress but just planning the event can be a stressful. It can vary from pre-travel time, travelling itself and sometimes post-travel period. All of which can lead up to what is called ‘Decision Fatigue’, where one is overwhelmed with choices and it exhausts you mentally. Travel stress and anxiety can be caused from planning your trip, safety concerns, accommodation, transport or even packing itself. Packing is a nightmare to some! It’s confusing, you get agitated and you might just end up leaving something behind or taking way too much with you! This was the key driving factor behind Pac-In-eZ (Packing made easy!), a smart application that helps you pack efficiently!

What it does

Pack-In-eZ is a smart web based application that helps you pack clothing based on weather condition, flight information and create a personalized packing list! a. Weather based clothing forecast: We require the users to feed in your travel dates, city you are traveling to, age, gender and flight details. Once we have these inputs, the program will open to a 5 day weather forecast in the city you are traveling to and suggest appropriate clothing for when they arrive. b. Packing list: There is also a ready clothing list available for Men, Women, Children, A toiletry list and a list for essentials. This can be used regardless of the weather condition and can be customized to one’s needs. c. Flight information: Using your flight inputs we show you the baggage allowance for your airlines. This would help you to plan your luggage well and avoid paying for more baggage allowance. d. Reduce stress: The ultimatum of this web based application is to help reduce travel stress, primarily for ‘Packing’.

How we built it

Used OpenWeatherMap API key to create a weather.js file, this comprises of 5 day weather forecast. Also used OpenWeatherMap API key to retrieve and identify different cities around the world. The City list comprises of city Id’s (.json) added to the directory with code. Created packing lists (.json) for each category Men, Women, Children, exclusive lists for common weather conditions Sunny, Rain & Snow Front end web application built using Angular JS (1.6) with different modules Used Amadeus API, Low fare search API which we used to retrieve flight information as listed below : Departure & Arrival time Departure & Arrival place Departure & Arrival terminals Operating airlines Seats Class A hyperlink to baggage allowance & policies

Challenges we ran into

Only 5 day weather forecast with basic OpenWeatherMap, paid version will allow for 16 day weather forecast For a 5 day forecast summarizing mixed weather conditions and proposing a recommendation Amadeus shows flight number and abbreviated airline information was hard to link with baggage allowances

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a customised list for weather conditions and choosing clothing based on the weather! You click on weather for the day to see this information also aggregated based on gender and age! The simplicity of the idea, yet a common problem that can be a nightmare to some.

What we learned

Using Amadeus API and Weather API’s to customize and utilize according to our requirements. Endless list of unheard clothing available for different weather conditions How much of a problem Packing actually is, a top anxiety issue with respect to travel stress

What's next for Pac-In-eZ

Implementing several other modules! Simpleness of the idea has several components to it that can be added we have only been able to explore a few. There are great ways. to monetize this platform especially through advertisements and shopping. Listed below are list of such ideas that can be implemented: Tips to fold clothes Add and share personalised packing list Fashion recommendations based on weather Wear counts - Based on previous travel history we can suggest the number of time a particular item has been worn Use other travel anxiety issues as modules - trip scheduler,vacation planner, safety information, credit card coverage Can also be used as a medium to sell fashion and travel related products.

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