Big cities concentrate working opportunities and wealth, while small cities lose their inhabitants unable to offer work and go bankrupt or quite so. This create an unbalance of population repartition, but in time of pandemia, big cities population density become a danger , while minor centers able to offer social distanciation (can) become safe places.

Let's take Palazzolo Acreide as an exemple and a pilot

Palazzolo Acreide is an ancient Greek city on the World Heritage List for it’s late Barroco style, home of noble families, has been elected most beautiful Village of Sicily and second of Italy, is a Slow food capital, has adopted the Km 0 and has some DOP. The city is also hosting a lot of restaurants cooking local products with traditional Sicilian recipes. The city is situated in the Province of Siracusa and in the Ibleans Mountains famous for its agricultural products among which ancient wheat varieties low in gluten, aromatics and honey since the antiquity. In Palazzolo people age particularly well and there are many centenarians


Nevertheless, an important part of the baroque (and Liberty) buildings are going into ruins leading to the desertification and death of the historical center for various reasons. This also create a loss of knowhow especially in traditional arts and crafts that was once creating wealth and a vivid life in the center, and as a result a lack of activity leading to unemployment for young generation emphasized by the aging of the population and irreversible desertification. The Covid-19 crisis and its imposed severe lockdown for social distanciation, not necessary in a city where human density is very low, is creating an unprecedented financial crisis for locals and the City and its inhabitants need more than ever help to present desertification acceleration and, on the contrary, revitalize their city, and keep their inscription on the World Heritage List.


Sustainably relaunch the local economy by:

  • Restoring the historical center (Palazzi for residence ,hospitality, remote work spaces & “Damusi” to host arts and crafts workshops)
  • Generating Work for local to regain purchasing power
  • Enabling to restore cultural local offering for traction
  • Allowing to keep reasonable social distanciation in the long run and take advantage of a local healthy life
  • entering an era of modernity by offering empty spaces for smart working, digitally educating all generations and in the meantime finding secured way of raising capital to finance renovation adopting clear and unbreakable smart contracts.
  • keeping authenticity, preserving the environment by maintaining a significant local ownership of the real estate and businesses.

==> Getting funds and securing for each financed project the aspects of Barocco real estate preservation, transfer of antique knowhows, digital education and renovation work for the locals.

What it does

Taking advantage of Palazzolo Acreide numerous empty spaces and quality of life and healthy food allowing higher immunity,It offers to investors or customers a presale of remote working and ospitality spaces where risk of contagion has been lowered technically( ventilation, UV, etc.) and social distanciation. By booking for the future and thus financing renovation, customers or investors allow to generate work for the locals and plan digital education for remote working developpement That's where the smart contracts come in, they secure the deal: You pay before to get a healthy and productive experience and in return secure work,education, environment and baroque safeguard. This can enabling Palazzolo Acreide to enter in a modern era while preserving his real estate and environment assets and stop its desertification.

Pilot with Palazzolo Acreide first projects: These projects are documented: history, of the historical owners, of the place, architectural project and the renovation costs estimation. We could use the following representative projects for the first app version (MVP), awaiting from local owners offers • An historical Palazzo (Palazzo Politi) • A “mulino” in centro storico (like a frantolio”, culture) • A residential small house in Via Gerone (residence and typical holyday rental house)


Palazzolo acreide is only one of the minor historical centers encountering this situation, hence the 1€ houses offering in some small Sicilian cities. But this concept could be scaled to all the small european cities underpopulated while big cities concentering too much people because trusting working potentials and then endangering their population in times of epidemia or pendemia.

How I built it

  • Conception of the model and creation of smart contracts issuing utility tokens to rent future places of work and hospitality. In a second time we will implement the issuance of security token for those who want to invest in Real Estate through the blockchain
  • Creation of a front end page for test

Challenges I ran into

technical aspects as we did not find a front end developper and only shared a dev for blockchain legal aspects for issuing Security tokens linked to properties and uncertain turnaround solution team members abandoned because of problem of connection and lack of practice with digital tools like slack, zoom or Trello. so we ended up in 2,33...and then in 2 as our dev had a computer problem. We were not able to make it on time for creating and submitting a video by lack of time and tools

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

smart contracts are created and we are validating the feasability we have at least one real project that can be marketed right now we had contact with fintech and blockchain experts that could make a difference in the future we ended up with a different concept of taking advantage of the local low density of population and healthy way of lifecreating safe environment in terms lowering risk of contagion

What I learned

More about smart contracts: technically and legally Local people here have to be digitally educated for remote work and need some coaching to widen their vision (mental structure linked to fatalism)

What's next for PA'trimonio

  • Create an interface to create a smooth experience for non fintechie customers-investors in creating ID and Key for buying token
  • Deepen the concept of a securing living environment norma ( not propice to contagion)
  • Create an online "boutique" for the offer (already available workplaces & houses and projects)
  • Ensure security for buyers buying tokens and getting their services in return
  • Switch from prototype to production for utility tokens
  • Set up the investment part for the security tokens linkedIn to specific properties
  • Organize a hackathon with the city of Palazzolo Acreide ( already on the agenda) to engage the locals in:
    • crowdmarketing the concept towards targetted customers
    • Setting up the digital education part and launch it in september 2020
    • Engaging local craftment into antique know-how transfer
    • Getting European funds dedicated to these kind of projects

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