It was sporadic discuss to create the application, as our other plans weren't feasible for the current time we had. Thus, I came up with the solution of a simple 2d matrix number cruncher and it began, with Armandas(big help) doing some quick researching on a nice javascript framework(this was our first time using a framework and coding in JS). We decide to uses P5.js

What it does

The Number Cruncher Application is a simple web matrix game. You are a player with assign health points (default value is 7) to increase the points you will collect black values, these will increase your health points. However if you collect move to red values, you heath will decrease (once it reaches 0 games over!).

How we built it

As stated before, we used p5.js which is a preprocessing javascript language, it allows us to create 2d graphics on the web very easily.

Challenges we ran into

Time limit! our other plans weren't feasible, so we ended up wasting time. However, this was overcome, by doing an OVERNIGHT coding session until 6 am....

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

I and Amanda learnt Javascript and the framework p5.js over the hackathon period.

What's next for p5.js Matrix Number Cruncher

The Matrix Number Cruncher can be used as a base type for 2d games that require unique object throughout the whole map. It can easily be expanded to accommodate 2d graphics....

_ italics _ PS.. Mind the spelling and grammar mistake... I have not had a proper sleep yet....:)

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