P2P Delivery is an application interface that allows someone to "Request A Delivery" after making an order from a Vendor. This order goes through to nearby Delivery Ninjas who can choose to Accept to pick up your order and deliver right to your door, or Decline and go back to doing Ninja things. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, would be to go to the Vendor, pay for the Order, pick it up and deliver to your place.

Payment is handled online through PayPal/Venmo, and is kept on hold until the delivery is made. If successful, the amount is transferred to the Ninja's online banking account. Otherwise, the money is refunded to your account.

There are Loyalty Points, which you are awarded as soon as you sign up. You can earn more after referring your friends and family, or sharing it on Social Networks. You lose points to "Request A Delivery" and you earn points if you become a Ninja and make a Delivery. The amount of points that you lose is exactly the same as the points awarded to the Ninja. (10 points per kilometer, and you can choose to tip the Ninja).

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