There are many places in the world where people cannot get any money because banks do not lend, or it is far to go to them, so a platform has been made that solves this problem

What does it do

This web application allows you to connect together without unnecessary intermediaries and servers directly using a p2p connection

How we built it

The operation of the application is based on the libp2p and xrpl library

Challenges we ran into

To transfer messages between, I needed an XRP transaction in which you can transfer plain text, but this was not found, so I had to transfer the text over the p2p channel

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A working application that can be developed and embedded in different applications and metaverses

What we learned

p2p xrpl

What's next for P2P credit platform with XRP payment (CBDC)

The application has a service validator that monitors live nodes and removes inactive ones, it needs to be improved, It is possible to immediately develop an account type as a seller of goods, NFTs. Refinement of the UX&UI. I'll plan this application to use in the metaverses as a service

Built With

  • p2p
  • vue.js
  • xrpl
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