So, it's January 1st, the start of a new year, a new you. You say this year I'm going to eat healthy. So you start replacing subs with salads, cokes with juices. This goes on for about a week, before things start going downhill. So what happened? Well, goals aren't habits. Where is the challenge, or rather, who is the challenge? Just because you track something, doesn't mean you are going to change.

Habit is a social app geared towards achieving goals by build great habits with your friends. There are lots and lots of apps that focus on helping you ​track​ everything but there are hardly any that help you do something about it -- especially with your friends.

By taking advantage of "challenge" feature built in to the app, friends face off against one another for having the ultimate bragging rights. There are points and streaks and you can even see what the trending goals around the world. And if someone is falling behind then maybe you can taunt them!

Habit helps you build habits incrementally so you have the highest chance of success. After all, our goal is to help users attain long term healthier life styles.

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