Shaw was writing a novel where one of the characters created this glove and he decided that instead of his character creating this glove he would do it in real life.

What it does

The creates the illusion of touch when interacting with digital object in a virtual world.

How I built it

Fabricated the glove and wrist strap. 3D printed casing. Built a virtual world in unity. Programmed into the night.

Challenges I ran into

Creating a comfortable user experience. Getting the tension of the strings right. Working with the limitations of the leap motion.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The way the glove came together in such a short period. The streamlined and easy collaboration between our team members. Actually creating a working prototype!

What I learned

Need to allow for more extra room for electronics when creating pattern for glove.

What's next for P1 Glove

Iterating! Kickstarter?

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