The idea is inspired from international travel websites like tripadvisor and expedia, we found that these sites don't provide a great attention to Hajj and Umrah trips, for that we came up with the idea of creating a specialized platform in Hajj and Umrah trip, in order to provide a great experience for Pilgrims

What it does

Waatimo وأتموا is a travel marketplace specialized in Hajj and Umrah trips, where travel agencies are providing their best packages, and Pilgrims can review, compare and book from them. Our aim is to give fair chance to all travel agencies and good unified place for Pilgrims to select from.

How we built it

Our solution is an integrated system, where Pilgrims and travel agents can access it from anywhere from different devices. System components are: Web Application (Using Wordpress as platform and woocommerce as a marketplace for (web interface & API ): that used by Pilgrims to review, compare and book from it. And used by the travel agent to provide their information and receive interested Pilgrims
Android and iOS Mobile Application using Google Flutter for Pilgrims

Challenges we ran into

  • There is a need for funding in order to make a massive advertising to reach our target audience.
  • We may have a risk from vendors, where they may provide an unpleasant experience to the Pilgrims.
  • a change in travel regulation, and economic instability that could happen

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did a great effort as we collaborated very well where every one of the team contributed in a good part in order to finish: 1- a visual identity 2- Business model canvas, SWOT analysis, and risk mitigation plan 3- designing the UI and UX of the web and App 4- Website 5- Android and iOS app

What we learned

We understand more about how hard the Process of the Pilgrims booking for hajj and umrah each year is, also we learned how to improve our idea in a very short time and implement all the comments and reviews that we have in our web and mobile app within a very limited time

What's next for P020 Waatimo

In Short term:

  • We will seek for seed investment to speed up our growth, we also will start to get reliable vendors with us, then we will set our annual plan and start with targeting Pilgrims for Umrah seasons.
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