P.U.S.H: Preventing Unwanted Social Harassment

Hi! Thanks for downloading P.U.S.H., the quickest way to notify your friends if you're ever in a tough situation and need help, with just the push of a button!

Here's how it works:

  1. Create a Group. These will be the people you notify in case something happens. You can always add Groups or delete Groups, as well as add Groups to Favorites. After creating a new Group, you can add a Group Name, and then add Members (with Names and Phone Numbers, so P.U.S.H. can contact them). Choose which Group you want to be your default Group for the night.

  2. Write a Message. This will be the message that will be sent out in case you need to contact your friends in a hurry. Just like with Groups, you can add new Messages and delete them as you please. Just make sure you choose the Message of the Night as your Default.

You're all set!

Once you configure everything, don't worry about going out! In the unfortunate circumstance where you need to use P.U.S.H., have peace of mind knowing that you will be heard by your Group and they will be aware and come to your rescue.

Remember, you are not alone.


All of us are female college students, and we have either experienced or known someone who has experienced an awkward or uncomfortable (or even dangerous) situation when walking on campus at night or at even at a party with friends/strangers. We decided an app with a quick way to notify specific people in custom made groups would help this problem. Sometimes in these situations, you can't pull out your phone and make a phone call, but what if you were able to push a button and the app would send an automatic text asking for help from all the friends in your group? Being discreet but getting help from your friends is important for safety!

How We Built It

We built P.U.S.H on Android Studio with code written in Java. For each page in our app, we created a new "Empty Activity" and added functionality to each page, whether we wanted a list of Groups, an option to add a new Member with a name and phone number, or buttons to Save and go Back. We used the Bandwidth API to be able to enable text messages to the Group.


What It Does

Once you add a Group (and add Members to the Group), the Bandwidth API allows us to send a custom generated text to every number in that group, such as "Hey, I need help. Come find me please!" or "Creepy guy talking to me, please interject!" for example. The user can add more groups with different members, but they choose their default Group (who they are hanging out with that night, so that those people will get the notification to help). The user can also add new messages for different occasions and situations, but they choose one Default message for the night to be sent out to the Group of the night. When the user is out and about, they do not need to have the app running or open, because P.U.S.H. has a notification on the screen, ready for them to pull down if they need help. If they pull it down, it'll ask if they need help, in which case they can click "Yes." Then the Bandwidth API does an HTTP post request, which sends a text to the Group chosen.

Challenges We Ran Into

We originally started hacking with hardware (Arduino), and wanted to have an actual button get pressed and over bluetooth it would connect to our app and send the message, but we were not able to figure out how to get that to work with the time we had.

Accomplishments We're Proud Of

We are proud of having a working Android app with a nice UX, that solves a problem we think is important. We are also happy that we were able to incorporate the Bandwidth API and send text messages from that number to our phones.

What's Next for P.U.S.H

We want to add location services in the future, so that once the people in the Group are alerted of their friend's emergency, they will be able to locate them. This will be a useful feature when people get separated at a big party or even in the city at night.

Another thing we want to add is the option to select and import contacts, instead of having to manually add people's names and phone numbers.

We also want to be able to add "Current", "Favorites", and "Other" tabs for the Groups and Messages pages, for organization purposes.

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