Planning your semester and accessing undergraduage bulleting have never been easier!

🧘‍♀️ Light-Bulb Moment

While brainstorming the project ideas for this hackathon, we wanted to make a project which will help the majority of Princeton students in their academic planning.

When choosing courses students often find it chaotic when shortlisting courses. Not just that, even browsing through the courses offered in various majors is tedious due to the sheer volume of data. Switching web pages and remembering where the information is stored is hectic in itself. The student will eventually assemble a completed schedule, but this process is overly time-consuming and tedious. Not to mention the experience of a prospective student - this would be a nightmare for them.

Thus, we present Pton-Bot! This is a bot that will ease out this process and make Course-Planning a fun, collaborative experience.

👀 What is Pton-Bot?

Pton-Bot is a Discord Bot that can be used by any student to get information on courses, majors, and planning out their degree.

🤖 Why use Pton-Bot?

Pton-Bot is designed to help Princeton students in their planning and get precise and concise information from the website

  • Pton-Bot can get information about any course from any major
  • A simple and easy way to explore courses, majors, and the academic calendar
  • Easy way to access the academic calendar.
  • Allows you to share and discuss potential classes with peers on Discord.

🎮 Features

1. 📬 Summarize

Pton-Bot allows a user to collaboratively plan their schedules with peers. Since the bot can be hosted on any Discord server, it is versatile and convenient. A user can request to view the university's departments, courses, and calendar through easy-to-use Discord commands. Peers can share and discuss their potential courses on any Discord server that the bot is on.

2. 🚀 Versatile

Since this is a Discord bot, it can be added to any discord server! It allows for students to easily search for any course, area of study, or department.

3. 🙋‍♀️ Faculty

Pton-Bot also contains calendar details for faculty members.

⚛️ How we built it

Pton-Bot was built through Python and the Discord Developer API.

🤖 Add Pton-Bot to your server

Challenges we ran into

Since this was our first time using the Discord API, it took us some time to get used to it. Specifically, the embed, command, and event functions were the most confusing for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of having built this bot through the minimal time of this hackathon. The process was tough, but we had a lot of fun implementing our Python skills and interacting with the Discord API.

What we learned

We learned how to use the Discord API, how to scrape the web for data, how to interact with JSONs, and how to interact with users on Discord through a bot.

What's next for Pton Discord Bot

We plan to implement a store feature that will allow the user to retain courses that they are interested in. In addition, we plan to add more information to the courses, such as pre-reqs and meeting locations

🆘 Where to get help

Feel free to reach out to our team members. We will be happy to help you.

Developers Discord

  • ye11ow_flash#0705
  • kd#2122
  • goal_sensei#4118

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