P's is a simple micro lending app for students to get a small loan for emergencies or if they just want to go a night out but don't have the money right now and can pay it back later. The app/service would be targeted solely for university students to get loans between £30-300 to be paid back between 0-7 days free of interest or by 30 days with a small interest rate. Students would be verified and sign up using a govt issued ID and then student status would be verified using Unidays (OpenAthens) and their university "ac.uk" email address. Bank accounts would be checked and verified as theirs using 'OpenBanking'. This would allow students who in most cases are in need of money some and can resort to more inconvenient methods or require a good credit rating to get some cash.

We have attempted to build this application on Android Studio with all team members having no prior knowledge of Java except one and a minimal knowledge of Android Studio. Through the hackathon we had learnt Android Studio and attempted invoking API with some not functioning as intended but displaying a concept of what the app would be like and it's simple approach. BlinkID would scan an ID for details and Unidays/OpenAthens currently does not offer a sample/trial API. We had used Firebase's realtime DB to store user transaction information in NoSQL json files to be retrieved in the app.

The aim is to simplify the process for small credit and offer a service to make a students difficult life a bit more convenient.

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