The three of us have a passion for space and exploration games. As a result, we decided this hackathon would be the perfect place to implement our ideas.

What it does

Explore the solar system with Robbie the Robot in this 3-Dimensional exploration game! Venture off into space and land on any of the eight planets in orbit. Once you have chosen a planet to explore, you are free to roam around and discover many facts related to your destination. Immerse yourself, escape reality, and begin your adventure today.

How we built it

This game was built with Unity 3D Game Engine and the programming language C#, with a total of 13 scenes and 8 C# scripts built from scratch. Our application was published to our domain using gitHub and with our website created with HTML/CSS and our game is hosted by

Challenges we ran into

Building a 3D game in one weekend was a very big challenge, considering this was the first game we created out of a school environment. There were many bugs with unity, and many problems publishing our game. We were not able to get the game on our website, as WebGL did not run on Chrome/Safari, so we published it on Another challenge would be creating the environments. Creating the different objects and textures in the environment were very time consuming, and somewhat tedious. Most assets are created by us, there are a few we used are free for commercial use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to deploy a 3D game within two days. None of us have done large scale gaming projects to this level, especially in one weekend. We put the entire two days into building our game, working day and night. We typically are used to building HTML/JavaScript projects, so this is a large step out of our comfort zone. This is definitely the most difficult project we have done.

What we learned

The processes of building a game, and debugging through the Unity Engine. This includes deploying it through, and using to host our HTML website.

What's next for Galaxy Galore

We would definitely want to expand the game and create multiple choice questions testing users on facts they learned from the planets and improve the visuals by creating consistent textures. If we are successful with this application, we will be moving forward with our gaming start-up, Frostack Games.


Occasionally, our domain glitches out. If this is the case for you, use the link.

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