inspiration came from our own hajj experiences after we witnessed the problems that most of the pilgrims are facing.

We noticed that some of the major problems could be solved with more organisation and others could be solved with creative fun ideas.

What it does

Our application tackles two main problems. Crowd management and waste management. The application will organize the whole hajj experience. A simple application where the pilgrim can view his/her full schedule of the day with pre-set time slots for activities like Jamarat and going to Arafa.

We can utilize the smart bracelet that the MOHU are introducing to calculate a score each time a pilgrim catches his bus or throws something in the trash. This score will rank the pilgrim in a leader board to add a fun competition factor to do good deeds

How we built it

We have built it using latest technologies like ASP.NET MVC Core 2, Bootstrap 4 and even Font Awesome 5

Challenges we ran into

  • Simulating the smart bracelet and smart trash can was challenging because we did not have the hardware to integrate it with our application.

  • it was very difficult to meet the deadline considering the tight schedule but we managed to do it with good organization and team spirit

  • Not all Team members were familiar with the technologies used to build the project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • we built a very good team dynamics in a short period
  • creatively simulating the trash can and the bracelet functionality.

What we learned

  • Planned strategy makes life easier for everyone
  • New technologies

What's next for P-067-AECL

To have a prototype of the smart trash cans and integrate it with our solution

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