We have seen that there aren't many user-oriented services for the online aviation industry. So we decided to develop a website that solves this issue.

What it does

The website guides individuals to make their experiences better in their traveling plans by showing up-to-date information about their decided routes.

How we built it

We divided into two groups and built the backend and frontend individually. On the backend, we used flask and firebase to build a server and also wrote some algorithms to analyze and use the data. And on the frontend, we designed a website using bootstrap which has futures such as giving individual services for each user.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we failed to pull data from APIs. We also had no prior knowledge about web development. Also, we didn't have any experience in programming with the team. We failed to make connections between the frontend and backend at first. We also didn't know about error catching and input validation. And we didn't know about data science.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned about web development. We have utilized the newest database technologies such as firebase.

What we learned

We learned web development, python, js, file i/o, error catching, APIs, firebase-admin-SDK, flask. We learned how to use the python-flask module, postman usage with big data, manipulating data that we fetch from APIs, reading and writing from/to JSON files respectively.

What's next for OzUSitaETIC

We will join more hackathons to develop our teamwork and coding skills.

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