Designed for children ages 5 and above, Oz Tales is a brand new interactive story-game that entertain the whole family. Playing as Dorothy in first person, kids get to save the cows from the cyclone, explore the munchkin village and talk to various characters before reaching the yellow brick road.

Why your children would love it

  • Funny interactions and challenges as they freely explore the world of Oz.

  • Magical experience of talking to the characters through microphone!

  • Delightful background music specially written for children.

Why parents would love it, too

  • Get children to love reading without even knowing it.

  • Customise the Oz characters dialogues with your own questions!

  • Share interesting recordings of your child with family and friends over Facebook or email.

  • A modern and light hearted interpretation of the classic Wizard of Oz.

  • Encourage follow-up reading through HarperCollins OpenBookAPI

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