is a self-refilling fridge

We completed development of a working product, check out the video above and the demo.

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Project Overview:

Fridge.Cash is a smart fridge that sells Club-Mate iced tea for BCH. Once the fridge has enough BCH to order a new round of Club-Mate iced tea, the embedded raspberry pi sends an order to a third party BCH Fiat gateway which sends the Fiat funds directly to a third party Club-Mate iced tea provider, and the order is made. The smart-fridge needs a human companion to fill up when the order is received.

It works like this:

  1. Customer deposits BCH to the fridges wallet.
  2. The customer takes ice tea from the fridge.
  3. The fridge monitors its own wallet balance to see when it can order new supply.
  4. The fridge automatically purchases more ice tea with door-to-fridge delivery.

The owner gets 7% sale profits for his service of doing (almost) nothing.

Detailed Project Description, consists of a RaspberryPi running a Vuex frontend and Node backend that communicates with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain through electrum.

The frontend is displayed in Google Chrome through a monitor ‘’embedded‘’ to the fridge. Its main purpose is to display payment information to the user. A QR-Code is generated with BCH-address and the amount required to pay for a Club-Mateiced tea is displayed in both FIAT and BCH with live-updates.

The backend keeps track of the fiat-to-BCH conversion rate while also tracking payments to the fridge address. The payment data is communicated to the frontend through a WebSocket in real-time.

Payment data is read from the BCH-address until it is observed that total fiat value reaches a given threshold of one new 7-pack Club Mate iced tea + 7% profit. The fridge then sends the money to a "helping human" to buy more Club-Mate.

The price for one beverage of Club-Mate is the remaining cost of a new 7-pack Club-Mate. The price is adjusted continuously. If the BCH price goes up, causing the balance in the fridge to increase, the remaining Club-Mate beverages get cheaper.

Future Plans

  • Support for multiple types of refreshments
  • Implement expansion for the fridge system where it orders a new fridge when the address has accumulated enough
  • The fridge takes a cut from profits to replicate itself.
  • The fridge orders another fridge when it accumulates enough money, replicating itself. The world will soon become a cold place as the fridges take over the world.

Project addresses

Bitcoin Cash


SLP address


Built With

  • electrum
  • libauth
  • vue
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