Online dating has a reputation for being shallow and meaningless. Our team wondered, how can we rehabilitate and destigmatize today's online dating culture while promoting social good and community involvement?

Our solution was oyster, an innovative new dating app that encourages contributing to social good with the motivation of making new romantic connections.

(The dating world is your oyster!)

What it does

When you sign up at, you create a profile and select your location. You can then visit our Explore tab to find volunteer events nearby that you want to attend.

Over the next few days, you will accumulate connections based on users who are interested in the same events as you. You can like or dislike each profile, using the check mark and X respectively, in the hopes of finding a match. From there, you can view your potential dates on the Matches tab and choose to message, accept, or deny each person. Accepting a date will automatically decline all others for that event.

Once you've found a match, enjoy doing good with your fellow oyster! Maybe the two of you will even find a pearl ;)

The unique aspect of oyster is that the focus is on making a difference in your community. Rather than initially judging based on looks, as current popular dating apps encourage, you will first choose the type of community work you're interested in, and connect with others based on that interest.

Additionally, with common dating apps, people are often concerned about meeting in a safe environment, deciphering their date's motives, and wasting their time on bad dating experiences. With oyster, you will always have a safe and fulfilling first date, where both you and your date are participating in good work and will leave with a meaningful experience.

How we built it

We used ReactJS with react-bootstrap, Javascript, HTML, and CSS to create our web application. We hosted the website with Amazon Web Services.

Challenges we ran into

This was our team's first time encountering ReactJS and AWS, so getting our bearings was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of creating a sleek, polished web application interface and learning how to use ReactJS and AWS.

What's next for oyster

We expect to build out more of the Matches tab, create a customizable profile, and dynamically generate volunteer events specific to the user's location.

We also want to consider a points system that reflects the volunteer experience gained by users.

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