Oy: A Drupal 7 + PhoneGap mobile app for learning about oysters at restaurants around you

Whether you eat them or not, oysters are a keystone species in coastal ecosystems. No commercial shellfish plays a bigger role in the environment than the oyster.

Like coral, oysters are environmental engineers. Where freshwater rivers meet the salty ocean, oysters cling to the shells of their kin to form vast three-dimensional reefs. These oyster reefs are ecological lynchpins—acting as vital nurseries for commercial fish as well as harboring multitudes of other marine life. They also actively clean the surrounding water. A single adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water each day as it feeds on plankton.

Oy is a mobile application with a database backend that works across multiple mobile devices. The app allows you to find available oysters at restaurants around you, learn more about each oysters characteristics and where it came from, obtain the restaurants location, get directions and make reservations at restaurants, and check in with the app to provide and receive feedback on the daily oyster selection at each restaurant.

Oy brings edu-tainment fun, gastronomic delights, and oyster aficionado knowledge to all. It is uniquely positioned to build an experience that benefits the farmers, restaurants, consumers, and the environment by raising awareness about this water filtering machine, coastal protector, and habitat provider.

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