Back when I was working with Alcatel-Lucent. I had a lot of colleagues, but I only knew a very small part of them on a more personnel level through various meetings.

During my time there, I spent hours every day in traffic jams, and noticed that every car surrounding me rarely ever had a passenger.

I realized that there must have been many neighbors and co-workers’ mere cars away stuck in the same jam or waiting for the same light to turn green.

  • How can we improve these situations:
    • people don’t know each other in industrial areas
    • despite making the same trip every day between the exact same places
    • obviously they wouldn’t want to pay for such a service, especially since a single person wouldn’t recognize it as a recurring issue.
  • And of course, no-one wants to waste any time during these crucial moments in everyone’s day.

  • how my company can help me to organize my home-work trip?

Which is why we created OXYCAR with the following promises:

  • Finance: earn money by sharing your car, save time by reducing number of cars on the streets and parking lots. Save money by carpooling with a colleague.
  • Social: Get to know more of your colleagues and neighbors.
  • Environment: By optimizing the number of cars on the street we reduce the overall impact of everyday traffic on the climate and the environment.
  • HR: save time & cash with our app that made home-work mobility easy for corporation.

What it does


Oxycar is a SaaS mobility package for companies and their employees, made up of a fully modular carpooling and biking tool.

Our applications, available on Android, IOS, Web and Teams, automatically connect employees with each other to enable carpooling or biking on their everyday commute.

  • An OXYCAR license for the whole company.
  • 100 % integration into the Microsoft Office 365 environment.
  • A dashboard for monitoring environmental performances at the company level.
  • A tax advantage on the implementation of carpooling for company and employees.
  • Deployment in less than 48 hours on all company sites.

The employer has, through the application, the ability to subsidize carpooling and bicycle trips for their employees with up to 500€ / year / employee and a 100% exemption from social charges. And for extra safety we are directly interfaced with the governmental carpooling proof registry in order to guarantee the validity of the declared journeys.

With Oxycar, you have a complete set of tools to help you create environmental and social performance reports to help with your CSR and CO2 emissions declarations.


As an employee it's simple; Create your schedule on the app, as a driver, passenger or biker and wait for our system’s suggestions. Our algorithm optimizes the overall commute of the company and provides each user with the optimal matches to improve his commute and the companies environmental impact as a whole.

You just need to accept an invitation, and be ready to pick your passenger up or your driver to arrive.

As passenger, if you company subsidy the trip, you will see that the trip is free. You even didn’t need to put your credit card. The company will pay for you. Allow trip are only from home to work, 2 trips by day and only during weekday. For all others situation, passenger need to complete the payment with his own card.

Once the validation is done, and trip is finish, the driver is immediately paid. He can find all related information on his wallet and is able to withdraw the cash to his personal account.

Of course, our app offers a chat system, you can discuss about details of your trip with your co-worker.

How I built it

  • First we revisited out whole design concept with the goal to match the Teams design as closely as possible and give the users the most immersed experience possible.

  • We’ve updated the architecture of OXYCORE, our internal library powering all our front services for based on Angular. The goal was to share the core logic between all apps for future developments.

    • OXYCORE is used in several apps:
      • The main Webapp
      • IOS & Android apps (Nativescript, soon moving to Ionic)
      • Teams
      • Dashboard
        • management & administration tool
        • mobility audit tool
        • statistics dashboard
  • We’ve also created a fully integrated authentication architecture based on AAD & AADB2C before starting development and allow teams users to seamlessly connect through their work accounts.

  • And finally, we setup our teams app!

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge by far was to migrate our in-ho made authentication system to the Azure AD B2C authentication solution. We wanted to allow users to sign-in with a single account across multiple device all through their work account.

That’s why we’ve decided to connect Active directory B2C to Active directory in multi-tenant.

Employees can use their professional credentials throughout all our apps be it IOS, Android, webapp or Microsoft Teams!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We use a meta-heuristic algorithm to optimize our commute computations and provide the best and most accurate matches! The solution provides the best optimization for every single person while at the same time improving the conditions for the population as a whole.

We are proud of our implementation of Azure AD B2C & Azure AD that work very well.

We have recently published the billings module on Microsoft Commercial Marketplace. It was difficult to do it, but we made it in less than 3 weeks. The final flow is pure, you just need to click buy and it’s done, your license is activated, your account is created, you are auto logged in our app, azure active directory connected, onboarding process start. That’s amazing!

What I learned

I learn a lot about authentication and specially on Azure Active Directory B2B and Active Directory. It was hard to configure and understand all documentations.

We needed the experience of Infinite square Company to help us with the architecture of the solution. We made several workshops for preparing everything.

There are a lot of interconnexion between app, SDK, MSAL, Microsoft Graph, Azure AADB2C and AAD.

Today, authentication’s module became our strength. We are fully interconnected to company with Active Directory. Our user didn’t need any more to register for create account. It’s automatically done when they launch our app. If they are fire, they lose access of their account, HR don’t need to worry anymore, users cannot use the app with their old login.

Last month, we finished to submit our app in the Commercial marketplace of Microsoft! It’s helps us to sell our product with Microsoft. Today you can buy a license of OXYCAR yourself in Microsoft AppSource! Thank to authentication, we were fully compatible to do that!

I think Teams is going to grow exponentially! It opens new worlds of communication and information sharing.

We don’t yet tap into the full potential that Teams allows, but we’re fully committed to improve our app further and add all new Teams features as soon as they are available and get the best experience for our users.

We have already a lot of projects ready to go in our backlog!

What's next for OXYCAR - Simple SaaS mobility solution for carpooling & bike

OXYCAR is going to be the preferred link for B2B mobility between HR and employees. We plan to add extra external service in our app, like planning and buy our train ticket with SNCF, buy trip with a taxi-boat in the city of Toulon.

Ultimately, we want to be the unique mobility application for an employer, in order to facilitate HR & Accounting.

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