What is Axum ?

Axum is a DAO Deployer on Tron (TRX) allowing users to start a DAO from scratch.

What it does

A DAO created on Axum enables its creators to pre-set the Voting Power (VP) for members. The minimum is 1, and maximum 3 (indivisible).
This mechanism ensures that VP is not based on economic metrics, but on commitment and engagement of its own community. Personal goals wont go forward, as VP is equalized. Community goals shall prevail, and yet, the members need to articulate to convince the majority of the people via discussions, engagement and call the community to take part.

What makes Axum unique?

Axum works forward to equalization of the members from DAOs created under its structure, even to the founders. The goals of your new community (yourDAO) will only be achieved thru cooperation p2p. A deeper involvement from members, whose will commit proposals and work for it, asking yourDAO members to support what you are asking for via Proposals. Engagement, cooperation, articulation, is the key to achieve the yourDAO goals.

How it works?

  1. Creator must have/create a community with an objective in common between peers.
  2. Set parameter at Axum e.g. number of NFTs minted, 1 NFT = 1 Vote. Max NFT = 3.
  3. Launch collection at NFT marketplace.
  4. Choose where to stake yourDAO initial treasury

What's next for Axum

Whitepaper Site Roadmap Development BUIDL

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