OxHUNT is a competitive online game between Oxford colleges. Each individual from a college is playing to earn points for their college by solving clues about other colleges. All of these clues require the player to visit the college in question, and quite often require the player to gain access to an 'off-limits' part of the college. Examples are:

"The number title of the book with reference ERA454 in the SCR library at Mansfield."

"The inscription on the northmost bench in Exeter's fellow's garden."

"The number of trees visible from the top floor of Staircase 14 at Balliol."

As users complete puzzles, they earnt points for their college. These vary depending on the difficulty of the puzzle, and we were also considering metrics such as the distance of that college from the player's own. We've got leaderboards to show this.

We also decided to have some visualisations of the data - we have a weighted node graph of all interactions between colleges, a chime graph of the ratios of puzzles solved by each college at another, and an ESRI backed heatmap of puzzle completions.

Users interface with the game via emails - this enables a wide range of platforms and means we had to do very little front end dev. We used the SendGrid API in Python to send puzzles to players and process their answers.

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