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Our project Hero is a platform that enables First Aid volunteers to help people in emergency situations.

When a person needs an urgent First Aid such as CPR, the ambulance may sometimes take too long to arrive, and the person on the line with the dispatcher may not be knowledgeable or confident enough to perform the CPR. Hero is a network of volunteers that are in the near vicinity and ready to help. The dispatcher sends co-ordinations of the incident, which pings near devices of Heroes. If the Heroes' estimated distance and ETA can beat the ambulance's ETA, the app client will send a notification requiring assistance alongside with a Map location and details of the required assistance. Upon clicking join, the dispatcher sees in real-time that a Hero is on a way and can communicate with the person on the line.

The project is built using NestJS backend, React Native frontend, & Azure Maps Route Matrix.


Nest is MIT licensed.

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