The COVID-19 pandemic is causing untold fear and suffering for older people across the world. Although all age groups are at risk of contracting COVID-19, older people face significant risk of developing severe illness.

COVID-19 poses a risk not only to the health of older adults who contract the disease but also the overall wellness of older adults who stayed at home. Older people are experiencing social isolation as a result of not being able to have visitors and not being able to go out and do things with other people. Lack of activity is one of the risk factors for death for this age group. More recent evidence indicates that the presence of long, unbroken bouts is associated with several adverse health outcomes that include weight gain and poorer cardio metabolic health, and these effects decreases with exercising.

We decided to build an emotionally intelligent chatbot to contribute older people's well-being. The purpose is to increase physical activity and give emotional support through sleep, activity and weight coaching for elderly who stayed at home during COVID-19. We use behavior science to transform habits.

What it does

How I built it

React native - to build a cross platform application - emotionally intelligent chatbot

Pedometer - to track the user's daily activity

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for OwnHealth

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