Created at CodeRED Curiosity 2016.

Winner for "Best Use of IBM Watson".

Turn any phone into a smart security camera that automatically detects for fire, burglars, weapons, accidents, and medical emergencies, texts 911, and alerts emergency contacts.

Keep your home and workplace secure!

Tomorrow you may fall in your home from a heart attack, the pasta your making may burst into flames, and a burglar may enter your home with a gun what will you do, better yet what can you do?"

OwlSecurity is an advanced camera based security system that uses bleeding edge API integration, image recognition technology, and machine learning to detect security hazards and automatically work to resolve them. Owl Securities can independently resolve security hazards in real time without human interaction. However, users may enter emergency contact information to be texted with the cause of emergency, a picture of the emergency, a date stamp, and a time stamp. Owl Securities allows users to replace what could potentially be dozens of individually purchased security systems with a single package and an old smart phone.

What if I told you all three of those can be taken care of at the instance it happens without any human interaction whatsoever. What if I told you that the same machine learning technique snapchat uses to put dog ears on your face is the key to revolutionizing a $350 billion-dollar US security market.

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