When is the last time you manage your time with happiness?

Nowadays, with all the to-do-lists, overnight-works, and deadlines floating in life, we play the catch up game with time, day and night, night and day, week after week... until Owl Land is created.

Inspired by the most magical creatures on earth and the forever advancing time-tracking apps, we created Owl Land. We wish that the app will help people learn more about their daily and weekly sleeping duration, their exercise counts, and working patterns with peaceful and aesthetic user interface and storyline. We hope that Owl Land will bring joy to all users , taking them to the land they want to arrive.

Product Description: Owl Land includes 4 simple, elegant elements: Exercise (plant a tree), Work (hatch an owl), Sleep and a summary. In "Exercise Mode", every 20 minutes you exercise, you plant a tree on the Owl Land. In "Work Mode", every 30 minutes you work without without leaving the application, you hatch a cute owl. If you left the application during the countdown, you will not hatch the owl but instead get a cute chicken. The "Sleep Mode" will record the number of hours you sleep and the sky of the Owl Land will be determined by how much you slept yesterday. Constant animations reflect the progress you make through out the time. In "Summary", you can see the comprehensive view of your Owl Land on a 5x5 grid. You can easily swipe between the dates to see the past history of Owl Land.

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