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I bet you like dining with your friend. I even think that you enjoy beating them at bowling even more. The problem starts when you get your cheque.

Your friend asks, how do we split? Instead of breaking your head about it, we developed an algorithm. The algorithm receives which coins each person has and tells you how to split.

What it does

  • Automatically tracks debts (and verifies every payment with both sides)
  • Group payment algorithm provides you with how to split and who owes who what
  • Cycle detection: if Alice owes Bob who owes Charlie and Charlie owes Alice, the debts can (and are) removed automatically

How we built it

We built this in python, using Django and grateful for PythonAnywhere's hosting.

Challenges we ran into

We mostly worked in parallel and merging our work was quite difficult. Creating everything in a short period of time was also a big challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're so proud this actually works well, considering we've built it in 24 hours.

What I learned

Collaborating and it's my first time using PythonAnywhere.

What's next for Owe Me

Although OweMe is fully functional today, there is still possibilities for the future. We target mainly youth (our own demographic) because they often do not have credit cards which allow transfers of any size (and not only in multiples of 1,2,5,10) and they need to split using real cash.

However, we believe that OweMe can also be integrated into credit card transfers (with interested banks) and it can still provide the easiest way to transfer the money between everyone and remove the debt cycles.

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