Problem/Solution Statement (POV)

Quarantined people need a way to keep alive the attention to prophylaxis measures even when the virus is not perceived as an immediate threat because even the smaller oversight may lead to illness.

To tackle this problem, we propose a virtual game in the form of a friendly buddy named OVI (Overcome VIrus), that must be kept alive by enhancing good habits.


People, while quarantine, get bored. Day after day, nothing is happening. Many cities were spared from the virus, and people lost focus on prophylaxis measures, but the viral wave may still come. They felt safe, they let their guard down, and now they are exposed. During the first days of the pandemic, we all adopted strict measures, scared by the news and the forced quarantine. Over time, the fear has faded, and we unconsciously forgot how even a small oversight could endanger the people who surround us and us.

How can we prevent this? Many precaution measures are not that invasive and are easily integrated into our day-to-day life. However, it is challenging to transform it into a new habit if we do not see the immediate gain of it. Therefore, our goal is to make good habits to stick in your mind, let them become part of your subconscious. What is better than a game to make it happens?

What it does

We aim to create a game to enforce good practices to stay healthy with coronavirus (e.g., wash your hands, workout, eat healthily). Therefore, we propose a cute character that will mirror ourselves as a fighter of the virus. The idea is to make it survive day after day until the end of the quarantine by making it apply the recommendations. On the other hand, if you do not take care of your character, it will get infected. This way, we hope the good behaviors will become part of the user's routine. We plan to implement features for the character to interact with others, to repeat the kind of stuff that you are forbidden to do in quarantine (e.g., interact with your neighbors). Then, we can create some minigames to increase the social aspect and break your routine.


  • The avatar will mirror some aspects of your life (e.g., cooking, eating, sleeping, sport, do the groceries as fast as possible). Good/healthy activities will increase its resistance to the virus.

  • The appearance of the avatar will change depending on his healthy condition (e.g., if it is healthy, it will look happy and cute; if it gets sick, it will resemble coronavirus with off colors, and it will be sad).

  • An infected avatar can spread the virus to other ones (e.g., with GPS, we could easily know if the character is close to another one).

  • Propose a social interaction (e.g., a world map where you can see infected avatars, quiz games about coronavirus). This way, users can fulfill their social needs.

How we built it

Our idea is to propose a prototype made with FluidUI. We will concentrate in particular on the interactions and the user experience aspect.

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