When people go out with friends it generally happens that they end up losing or missing one or two people. So we tried to build an application where a group can subscribe to an event, they all can then be tracked on a map and in crowded places the user is also notified who is around them. So they can easily keep track of everyone. Hence to fulfill this basic need of human beings, me and my friends came forward with our knowledge and made something out of it.

What it does

It is basically a tracking application built for people going clubbing and partying to keep track of their friends. It can track a person's movement and uses a p2pkit to notify the user when his friend is around. It could also help people know who has left the place and who has not. Also we have incorporated a small chat module which enables the people going for the event talk and discuss things. But this application is not only limited to people who are going out it can be used for many more real life events.

How we built it

Our application is divided into two part, an android application(acting as the front end) and a node.js back end server. The android application is built using fragments with loads of HTTP requests whereas the back end node server runs on Express framework and uses leaflet.js to render the map for tracking purpose. The android application carries the p2pkit and the pusher module to keep the server and the client in sync.

Challenges we ran into

Since our team had only two members and one android phone it was a challenge to test whether the app actually worked. But one of the hackers lent us his phone so that we can debug the app. Other major challenges include using JAVA :P

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our application and the amount of work we have done on it. Even though we had a small team we divided our work pretty well and were in sync with each other all the time.

What we learned

We learned that the size of team doesn't matter, what matters is your will to create something nice, something beautiful to make others life easy.

What's next for Overwatch

One can think of multiple improvements for Overwatch, one being the ability to show multiple events, better login methods and better event handling. Also developing an admin back end would be nice. Though we have released a beta version of the admin end(basically to see whether the app works or not) with some functionality.

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