What it does

Proxy servers work by facilitating web requests and responses between a user and web server. Typically, a user accesses a website by sending a direct request to its web server from a web browser via their IP address. The web server then sends a response containing the website data directly back to the user. In our Python Proxy, it uses different pull tools to pull the websites. Our Proxy is built different than other proxies out there.

How we built it

We used various tools to make our Python Proxy such as heroku and much more. Our main tool is something called pywb also known as a fully encoded Python web archive or a wayback machine. Think of it as like saved versions of the websites. Most of the code was made up of the pywb files and rewriters.

Challenges we ran into

There were a lot of challenges we ran into. Some of the problems were when we were having front end issues with the template. We also had back end server problems where it wouldn't deploy or would show errors with the warc files. We had to think outside the box and create our own solutions for the problems. In the end, we worked as a team to solve our problems. If it wasn't for the people that helped us, we would be not be here. All thanks goes to everyone that has helped us during our journey.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud that we were able to successfully finish our project with limited support and deploy it for a full on working web application. We have been able to add full support for certain websites such as Google.com and etc. We worked as a team to solve our problems and got through it to achieve this success.

What we learned

In our time spent on this project, we've learned a lot of new things in coding from all the great mentors that has helped us out. We've also learned that patience is the key to success. We've had problems through out our whole project and we also gave up at some point, but the thought of our project helping the community and bringing social good gave us motivation to finish the project and put it tit to use. Not everything is easy and it takes time and patience and for you to put work into the thing to accomplish it.

What's next for Overseer Pyroxy

We are going to start adding full support for tons of websites.

Slides: https://www.beautiful.ai/player/-N5VBT6Q15b6ZLafAhLt

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