Overseer: A Google Action

Introducing Overseer, a Google Assistant action made by students, for students. Meant to increase productivity and time management, Overseer will be sitting with you while you study, measuring how well your study day goes.

All that is required is for the user to let Overseer know when they start on a different task. For example,

  • Let Overseer know you are starting to study CSC209
  • Let Overseer know you are now starting to study MAT235
  • Let Overseer know you are now taking a break to watch YouTube
  • Let Overseer know you are going to end your study session

Afterwards, upon request Overseer can tell the user their statistics/efficiency for the past day/week. For example,

  • "Over the past 24 hours, you were 65% efficient in your study sessions."
  • "Over the past 24 hours, you spent 27% (1h15mins) of your time studying CSC209."

Additional features to be added:

  • iOS/Android applications to visualize data
  • More advanced error handling and input capabilities
  • Longer period to check statistics/efficiency
  • Compare with friends statistics

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