Our inspiration was from the current main problems distinguishing the actual payment cross border ecosystem : -Costly Infrastrusture -cumbersome process -Inaccessibility of payment services for the majority -No support for inconvertible currency conversion

What it does

It's provides a solution for exchanging different currency's from the region of Middle East and Africa directly and provide a market place for exchanging the goods and services

How I built it

The Idea was based from Known algorithms for less cost exchange and crypt o-currency conversion that were made to answer for the need provided with a framework for assuring the efficiency of the work

Challenges I ran into

Using incontrovertible currency Technical difficulties

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we contributed to ensure the exchanges and the conversion of currency into MEA, by increasing the speed of transactions

What I learned

Being more open to our problems in the MEA region and the urge need for solutions

What's next for Overseas

the integration of deep learning and AI for customer behavior analysis.

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