We always find rotten food in our fridges, and sometimes forget the expiring foods in the fridge before purchasing new ones, which causes a great food wastage. By creating this app, we hope to regularly clear our fridges by finishing the expiring food in time and throwing away expired foods before they stink.

What it does

The app allows users to enter information(food name, food amount, position to store, and expiring date) of new food to the recording system (inventory). After adding foods, users can view the entire list of foods added in the inventory. The inventory will highlight the freshness states of the foods with different colors(green -fresh / orange - expiring soon /red - expired) so that users can easily identify the foods to consume or to clear first. Users can also tap the boxes in the list to view the detailed information of the selected foods. In the detailed information page, users can edit the amount of the food if they only consume part of the food, or delete the item after cleaning them. Users can also tap the help button on the main page to learn how to use the app.

How I built it

Overrotten was developed in Android Studio with Flutter and Dart.

Challenges I ran into

As we were totally newbies in Flutter and Dart, we had to learn how to use them on the spot and read through thousands of forum posts once we ran into trouble. The short time limit made it even harder for us to build this mobile app as we had to grab every second to develop it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Yilun and I had absolutely no experience in Flutter and Dart, or even mobile app development before the hackathon. Yet, we managed to make Overrotten in just 24 hours where we developed all the major functions.

What I learned

As a team, we learnt how to coordinate our work smoothly and make a complete application in such a limited time. We also picked up new languages and skills such as how to Dart and Flutter in Android Studio.

What's next for Overrotten

We are planning to make an alarm notification system where the app will remind users about expiring food. We will also beautify the User Interface component such as adding background images.

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