For some time, we wanted to make an application that could locate persons within areas where the GPS signal is not reached, with this in mind, we thought that was the best way to leverage existing technology and we realized that the wifi signal was a good start to try to get it.

What it does

Therefore, to demonstrate that it has a real application, we have developed an application for paintball fields where wifi location is used to determine the position of the other players in the game and offer a really different experience.

How we built it

For the mobile application, has developed a hybrid application using Ionic, the technological challenge was to use the wifi signal to locate the device. To this end, it has developed a cordova native plugin giving us full access to the wifi signal detected by device. In addition, the application has made with Node.JS server that is responsible for distributing the positions and update the other devices connected to the game.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge has been mathematical, since the calculation trilateration and signal attenuation are essential for the project. Another challenge has been getting signals from wifis an ongoing basis to perform the measurements required by a project of this type.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mathematical calculation, get a prototype in less than 36 hours, try to have a decent signal with excess electromagnetic noise.

What we learned

Teamwork, prioritize, Cordova, Ionic and not sleep

What's next for Overloc

Improve the algorithm precision, contact with companies that could be interested to the product and dialogue with customers to find out what features they need.

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